Lubrication and Adult Toys

A Few Of The First Adult Toys, What’s Popular Today, Types Of Lubrication, And Safe Materials

Several years ago, anthropologists uncovered a phallic stone that shared roughly the same markings as the human penis. Dating methods found that the stone was created about 30,000 years ago, roughly. While the first dildos were probably destroyed long ago, the stone phallus is the oldest such tool ever uncovered.

Around 500 Anno Domini – fancy talk for time periods following the death of Jesus Christ – Japanese women created ben-wa balls for vaginal pleasure. Shortly after, men started using them. They’re still in use today, although likely crafted from much more favorable materials

158 years ago, a physician named George Taylor created a machine designed to treat hysteria in women, a disease that’s no longer recognized by today’s medical community. However, he definitely did mankind a favor by creating a vibrator powered none other than steam. In 1902, after Taylor created the aforementioned vibrator, Hamilton Beach manufactured the electric vibrator.
Today, acrylic, glass, and steel adult toys crowd the market. None use steam, and fewer require users to plug them into wall sockets. Rather, adult toys that use electricity typically use batteries. Either way, adult toys have evolved leaps and bounds farther than the rudimentary objects they once were – stone dildos, imagine that.

Adult toys popular in modern ages

The vibrator is the most popular Sex Toys by¬†Joujou. Still relying on the same basic principles as Hamilton Beach’s 1902 release, they add power to a small motor, in turn causing a counterbalanced weight to spin, making vibrations. They are most commonly made of acrylic, rubber, other plastics, and even steel.

Dildos, although they’ve been around for tens of thousands of years, follow right behind vibrators in second place. They’re made of virtually every material imaginable. Also common today are pulsators, or machines that equip dildos and replicate – if not exceed – the sexual motions that men create during sexual intercourse. They can be programmed to go faster than humans, deeper than humans, and generally better in technical aspects of intercourse.

Butt plugs are another popular choice. They’re made to stretch the sphincter and anal canal, making anal sex less painful and more enjoyable.

Types of lubrication

In general, lubrication intended for sexual activity is created from water, oil, and silicone.

Water-based lubes are easy to remove following sex, foreplay, and masturbation, and are compatible with condoms.

Silicone-based lubricants can degrade fellow silicone toys, although can be used in areas with water.

Oil-based lubrication should only be used for anal sex with metal toys, as they can degrade others, and are always incredibly difficult to clean up.

Materials – The good and the bad

Jelly rubber is unarguably the least safe material to use in Joujou Vibrators. Some manufacturers still use jelly rubber and other materials that contain phthalates, plastic softeners that have been shown to cause cancer.

Latex isn’t a good choice, as it can evoke allergic reactions. Stick to finished wood, steel, most rubbers, and acrylic.

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